Session Outline

The session summarizes the key changes in cloud computing from key Vendors and how System integrators were able to adapt to it. The session caters to the details of changes from the Vendor Sales perspective since the advent of cloud lowers the relative deal sizes with low capex. The session covers aspects of how organizations who started with initial IaaS journey with lift and shift are now moving to more matured PaaS middleware offerings.  It also shows some light on journey of the engineers involved in the implementation from training and career levels perspective who are able to adopt this shift from On Premise to Cloud offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • System integrators involvement in the cloud implementation process.
  • Shift of IaaS to matured PaaS middleware offerings.
  • How Engineers and Architects can cope up with the On Premise to Cloud shift.



Shashank Handa – Cloud Solution Architect | Parliamentary Services | New Zealand

Shashank has 14+ years of experience working as a senior consultant/architect for Cloud based enterprise middleware suite of products. Shashank comes with a unique experience of software engineering and architecture in Product Based Companies (BEA Systems, Intuit and Oracle) and has also worked on end to end successful implementations of the product line in the consulting role (Team IM / Deloitte). He has been involved in some of the key NZ government end to end implementations. He has good experience in using Enterprise modeling tools, Application Security, Identity and Access Management and has been involved in successful implementations of Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Management projects. His working experience has covered small, medium to large corporate in the ANZ, US and APAC region.

May 25 @ 13:35
13:35 — 14:05 (30′)

2022 Day 1 | Stage 3

Shashank Handa – Cloud Solution Architect | Parliamentary Services | New Zealand