Session Outline

There are many external-facing APIs that organisations like ACC currently provide, a significant portion of traffic to them are simply checking to see if any information has changed, rather than to make a substantive query for the information. A key driver behind this behavior is the absence of a more suitable model where the organisation’s API consumers are actively notified by the organisation when a relevant change has occurred.

This approach is to devise and deliver a solution that will meet this need, so that unnecessary API calls are dramatically reduced.

Key Takeaways

  • An event based cloud solution for information flow between multiple source (producer) and target (consumer) systems.
  • The data can be either shared or private in nature.
  • Ensure that the information security is maintained by this publish/subscribe model.



Anindya Chowdhury – Senior Systems Architect | ACC | New Zealand

Having around 24 years of IT experience and played various roles spanning the software lifecycle across geographies. A strong team player, result oriented, accomplished, passionate and integrity driven.  I am innovative and have proven experience in frameworks, methodologies, design and integration patterns, best practices on an Enterprise platform.

I am collaborative and good at building relationship with stakeholders, customers. I do mentoring of my team members.

May 25 @ 13:35
13:35 — 14:05 (30′)

2022 Day 2 | Stage 3

Anindya Chowdhury – Senior Systems Architect | ACC | New Zealand