Session Outline

Discuss the different types of data and their file formats.

Process your data and get the desired output.

Secure your data on the cloud.

Key Takeaways

  • Different types of data & their file format
  • How to use data to get most relevant information?
  • How to secure it on cloud?



Atul V Mistry | Cloud Architect | John Foord (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. | Singapore

Mr. Atul Mistry is the Cloud Architect, John Foord Analytics which is the Insurtech arm of John Foord, providing cloud-based data solutions to the insurance sector, for clients seeking accurate replacement costs and values for fixed assets across the globe and is based at John Foord’s Singapore headquarters. He is a highly experienced cloud consultant and solutions architect. He has held senior system architecture, programming, and technical lead positions with global firms such as HCL, Avaya, ANZ Bank, Accenture, DBS Bank, Maybank, and S1 Services. He has expertise in AWS cloud, commercial data processing (includes big data), blockchain technology, project management, technical solutions, platform design, and software development. He is a previous winner of AWS’s HackDay event (2017), has authored a book on AWS development, and holds numerous certifications across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

May 25 @ 11:20
11:20 — 11:50 (30′)

2022 Day 2 | Stage 3

Atul V Mistry | Cloud Architect | John Foord (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. | Singapore