Session Outline

It is quintessential for any business strategy to think of the foundational layers and how to make sure they are perfectly laid down and stay strong and scalable for a long time. Data strategy is no different.

Data governance is the center piece of all the data pillars in the DMBOK wheel of data management. This session will mainly focus on aspects of data governance and quality and how we in Artha Solutions do to initiate this without unique approach for faster time to market and maximum value for business.



Lux Lakshmanan – Client Partner | Artha Solutions | Singapore

Lux is a seasoned financial markets and project professional with deep experience in banking and financial service, telco and energy sectors. At ThinkArtha Asia (India, Indonesia, Singapore), Lux leads data governance. His earlier roles at Standard Chartered and ANZ banks centered on OTC trade reporting, market risk, and strategic projects. Lux co-chaired ISDA for APAC during his regulatory experience with standard chartered. He also works on risk analytics, regulatory compliance, and market-making strategies.

September 29 @ 12:45
12:45 — 13:15 (30′)

2023 | Stage 2

Lux Lakshmanan – Client Partner | Artha Solutions | Singapore