Session Outline

The world of data and technology has been drastically and exponentially changed in last ten years.  Today big tech companies have announced AI adoptioninto almost everything.  With this trend, data and related technology are still the keys.  It’s time to recheck our legacy data architecture whether it can still handle the vast amount of data and day-to-day rapidly changing business needs?  Let consider it against the best practices for enterprise data architecture modernization!

Key Takeaways

Today, the enterprise data architecture should have…

  • Flexible and extensible data schemas,
  • Focus on domain-based architecture against business needs,
  • No data silos across the organizations,
  • Real-time data processing capabilities,
  • Decouple data access points,
  • Scalable cloud-based data platforms, and
  • Modular integration, best-of-breed platforms.



Natee Rerkongdee – Data Strategy & Architecture Expert | True Corporation | Thailand

15+ years of experience in Data Management & Analytics profession assisting various organizations – in telecommunication, finance & banking, supply chain management industries – to set up and promote Enterprise Data Services for marketing intelligence, operational excellence, risk management and business decision-making. Currently work for a telecommunication company in Thailand, as Data Strategy & Architecture Expert. Be a member in the company’s IT Enterprise Architecture advisory board to review IT solution design, data architecture and information security, collaborate with Enterprise Data Platform Senior Management team to develop and maintain Enterprise Data Architecture roadmap, and facilitate all business units in the company to execute enterprise data policy and its related standards.

September 29 @ 12:10
12:10 — 12:40 (30′)

2023 | Stage 3

Natee Rerkongdee – Data Strategy & Architecture Expert | True Corporation | Thailand