Session Outline

Startups are flexible and they can keep learning from their data as they grow.
Data Infrastructure supporting these situations should allow for rapid changes in design and should be able to extend utility from data assets without creating much overhead on teams.
In this session, we would be sharing our learning from navigating through solutions from leading cloud and SaaS solutions providers and share what worked for Spenmo.

Key Takeaways

– building data architect to support traditional and new-age usage of data
at organisations
– how to balance capability vs cost controls in todays’ cost-efficient market
– navigating thru various upcoming data technologies , keeping data at your
workplace modern and secure



Kristina Pia Delos Reyes – Lead Data Engineer | Spenmo | Singapore

Pia is a seasoned professional with over 14 years of experience in software engineering and information technology. With a solid foundation in IT, Pia has extensive experience in cloud computing, particularly AWS Web services and Google Cloud Platform. As the Head of Data Engineering at Spenmo, Pia leads the implementation of highly scalable data pipelines for data warehousing, leveraging her expertise to implement effective data management solutions. With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, Pia continues to make significant contributions to the company’s efficient data engineering and standards compliance.

September 24 @ 16:15
16:15 — 16:45 (30′)

2024_Stage3_Modern Data Architecture

Kristina Pia Delos Reyes – Lead Data Engineer | Spenmo | Singapore